Benoit P. ᵕ̈

( •ॢᴗ•ॢ⋈)

Digital culture producer based online and in Tokyo, JP.

Originally from France, I have lived in various cities around the globe, including Paris, NYC, Miami, and Montreal. I have been exploring digital creativity since the early 2000s and hold a bachelor's degree in design & fashion + a Master's degree in research in digital media from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

I have collaborated with the most creative in the field such as MUTEK, VICE, i-D, WIRED, SuperRare, Gallery {Labs}, Lens Protocol, Outland, Y_D, Society for Arts and Technology, and Creators (a partnership between VICE and Intel) (...). Through dozens of curatorial projects and numerous published writings, I have also been researching internet-based art & net-subcultures including Y2K, technostalgia, and decentralized networks. I have been featured in various media outlets, including Forbes. : )

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